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Network maintenance in the data center  
  The network engineers in the data center have scheduled a network maintenance. The maintenance will occur as follows:

Maintenance start time: Jun 15, 2022, 01:00 ЕЕSТ
Maintenance end time: Jun 15, 2022, 05:00 ЕЕSТ

Short network disruptions are possible during the maintenance window.
  Posted Date: 14 Jun 2022  
А New, Faster PHP Execution Model Now Availablе  
  Today, we are starting a phased rollout of a major change in our hosting infrastructure designed to speed up web content delivery.

On top of our new hardware platform, based on the latest Intel Xeon processors and Linux KVM virtualization, we are introducing PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) paired with OPcache.

PHP-FPM speeds up PHP-based websites by maintaining pools of PHP worker processes that can handle incoming requests.
  Posted Date: 3 Jan 2022  
Security Improvements to the Hosting Platform  
  We have applied some new security measures designed to protect our clients from malicious bots and spoofed emails:

Blocking Malicious Web Requests

We have implemented a new security mechanism that blocks POST requests from malicious IP addresses. We are using the database of Stop Forum Spamto get a list of malicious/suspicious IPs. The list gets automatically updated every 6 hours.
  Posted Date: 22 Oct 2021  
An attack affecting the SSLv3.0 protocol [News]  
  On October 14th, an attack affecting the SSLv3.0 protocol was disclosed. The attack named POODLE which is acronym for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption" allows an attacker with ability to sniff the traffic to rapidly decrypt any communication that uses SSLv3.0 or can be downgraded to SSLv3.0. Any OS, server, client, web application or service that uses communication encryption with SSLv3.0 is vulnerable to this attack vector given that the attacker has ability to sniff the communication at either end.  
  Posted Date: 15 Oct 2014  
New Blog announcement  
  Hello everyone! Today we are pleased to announce our new Blog, where we are going to share our ideas and knowledge about web design with you, and also share what we see the future for our product, the industry & all of our related movement in there.

We are so excited that it would be fun to share our works to our readers. Next week our design team has taken the challenge to create great design layouts again. We do hope all of you will love to enjoy it. Have a nice day!
  Posted Date: 17 Mar 2012  
Elution website has been revamped  
  Elution website has been revamped with new structures and contents to provide you more comprehensive information. There are various new service plans launched at the same time to better serve you.  
  Posted Date: 25 July 2011  
FREE Chinese domain name registration .香港域名  
  If you are an existing customer and want to get a FREE Chinese domain name .香港 or .公司.香港 with your .hk / domain name or vice versa, please kindly inform us your name, we will apply it for you.

The English Domain Name and Chinese Domain Name you selected will form a bundle with the same expiry date. If you want to transfer on later day, the bundled domain names have to be transfered together.

Chinese domain name consists of one or more Chinese character. Both the traditional and simplified forms of the Chinese domain name you entered will be allocated to you.

We will inform each customer by email individually.
  Posted Date: 16 Feb 2011  
MySQL server enhancement on all servers at datacenter in HK  
  Our system administrators will perform a scheduled hardware enhancement of the MySQL service on all servers at the datacenter in HK.

The maintenance will occur on 3 Mar, 2011, between 03:00 and 04:00 HKT. At that time, the default MySQL server of the listed servers will be changed to MySQL5. The MySQL server itself as well as all MySQL driven services will be unavailable for about two minutes.
  Posted Date: 15 Feb 2011  
Lunar New Year Holiday  
  We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your continuing support on our quality services. And we wish you have a prosperous Year of the RABBIT 2011!

This is to inform you that the office will be closed for Chinese Lunar New Year holiday on 3 Feb - 7 Feb 2011. We will resume to work on 8 Feb 2011.

If you need our technical support, you can send email to, email support is still available during holiday.
  Posted Date: 15 Jan 2011  
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